Stemmed Implant Technology Inc.

SIT Technology

The Patented SIT Family of Dental Implant Products.

SIT Inc. has developed a family of unique internationally patented dental implant products and procedures that provides solutions to most of the current problems of dental implantology. The SIT Inc. Dental Implant design offers the following improvements to modern implantology:

  • Barb lock, screw-less, anti-torque design. The implant is simply tapped into place. There is no ‘when to stop’ screwing judgement call
  • Stronger resistance to the destructive forces exerted on a dental implant.
  • Easily Installed / Single Precision Placement.
  • Displaces less natural tissue in the implementation process.
  • Does not damage the adjacent bone cells (osteoblasts) and in fact allows bone growth.
  • Accelerated healing.
  • Resists luxation.
  • Minimizes need for CAT scan.
  • Long term cost effective and convenient.

The Rooted Implant Technology uses nature’s best design.

Stemmed Dental Implants are superior:

Orthopedic Stemmed Implants are biomechanically designed: