Stemmed Implant Technology Inc.

Stemmed Implants


Animal Study results. Dental and Medical researchers are astounded by the results of the “Osseointegration of a 3D Printed Stemmed Titanium Dental Implant: A Pilot Study” implant study completed in 2017 at McMaster University.


Graphical comparison of new bone formation under the cortical bone crest to total bone crest height observed after 3- and 12-week implantation for control/conical and SIT/Stemmed implants.



The Next Generation of Artificial Joints and Dental Implants

Stemmed Implant Technology Inc. ( SIT ) is a life sciences product development company that identifies and develops a diverse portfolio of promising implant products, technologies and processes that dramatically improve standard dental, medical, and veterinary implantology.

The basis for SIT innovation is to imitate nature’s design to achieve maximum stability. SIT has been granted international patents on a platform implant technology that encompasses this approach and that addresses products and processes for three substantial markets.

SIT promises disruptive technologies designed to revolutionize the implant marketplace.

Media Releases

January 2016

Dental Implant Market.

Unique Dental Implant System Passes Research Milestone

Christopher Ostrovski, President and CEO of Stemmed Implant Technology Inc., is pleased to announce the company’s unique dental implant product has successfully completed stress and fatigue testing that are a pre-cursor to clinical trials.


June 2019 (updated: 2020)

Dental Labs.

Stemmed Implant enters into discussions for a JV with a Brazilian company

SIT announces it's in negotiations with MSC MED, a consortium of specialists in the fields of: Biomechanical Engineering, Biomaterials and Mechatronics. MSC MED's CEO, Heitor Korndorfer, travelled to Canada to meet with the SIT Board, seeking a partnership. Together, SIT and MSC MED plan to seek expedited regulatory approval, initially launching our dental implant in Brazil's lucrative market, before a worldwide launch.

UPDATE 2020: MSC MED announces that our JV will now include a partnership with a second Brazilian company, one of Brazil's largest manufacturers of surgical instruments; this company has become a leader in additive manufacturing in Brazil.

November 2019


SIT adds additional financial acumen to the Board

The Board is pleased to announce the addition of Mr. Bill Charles, CFP (CEO of Global Maxfin Investments Inc.) to the board. Bill brings over 30 years of experience in the financial services industry. Prior to Bill becoming CEO of Global Maxfin, as a Branch Manager for Investors Group, he lead one of their fastest growing and successful offices in Canada, managing over $1 billion in assets.